Safety Is Our Culture

At APAC, an integral part of our culture is safety. APAC ensures a work zone that is hazard free with a proactive approach that includes continuously educating and training staff, becoming more aware of our surroundings, and maintaining effective communication amongst our crews. By focusing on the safety of our crews, clients, as well as the general public, we create an employee culture that views safety as the first and most important task at each and every job site. With this as the central goal of our entire crew, we will strive to sustain our goal of zero incidents on the job site.

Employee & Public Safety

Per OSHA requirements, employees must wear safety apparel such as hard hats and safety vests. The bright vests are intended to catch the eye of motorists on the road, as well as construction vehicles backing up in the construction zone. Our employees are required to not only speak up and fix any hazards or at-risk behavior, but also report their finds and fixes.

We make every effort to protect the general public whether we’re working a long-term project widening a road or closing a lane for a just few hours. Our APAC crews focus on ensuring safety zones include well-marked warnings and are able to be navigated easily by drivers. Warnings are not limited to signage. Other warnings may include, but are not limited to:

  • Crash trucks
  • Flagmen
  • Cones and lights
  • Escort vehicles
  • Message boards

By being proactive about safety on the job and committing to ensure the safety of each employee is paramount, we will continue to maintain our record of an above industry-average safety record in the workplace.

Watch the Fundamentals for Fatality Elimination Video

Safety Video